Cat Training: Can Cats Really Learn Tricks And Commands?

Of course they can! Cats are very smart animals but it’s important to use positive reinforcement, encouragement and lots of treats. Negative punishments and disciplining your cat is not going to get you the desired result.

If you want your cat to do something, you simply need to reward them when they do what you want them to do. If you want your cat to come when you call her or him by name simply call them and when they walk over to you, give them a treat. Walk across the room and call their name again. When they come, another treat. Move around your home repeating this and do it daily until your cat has learned to come when called.

But cats can learn much more than to just come to their name.

Make sure you’re using treats your cat loves. Having the right motivation is very important. When your cat does what you want them to do, reward them immediately.

You may also want to consider clicker training.

Don’t try to train your cat right after a meal because they might not be hungry. Be sure to train your kitty when they are going to be the most motivated by food.

Make sure your cat is getting enough exercise because all these treats have calories in them and you don’t want your kitty to gain weight. Find a healthy treat for your cat and make sure your cat is getting a lot of play and exercise time along with their new training schedule.

Never try to train your cat when they are feeling stressed. Make sure that training sessions are always calm and relaxed. If you’re feeling tense, better to hold off and train another time when you’re feeling stress free and ready to have fun interacting with your cat.

The internet and YouTube are a wealth of information and instructional videos that will help you become a cat whisperer. What are you waiting for?