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10 Summer Olympic Sports That Would Be Way More Fun With Cats

The summer Olympics are back again. It’s fun to cheer on the homeland as athletes compete for shiny things that hang around their necks.

But do you know who appreciates dangling shiny things more than anyone else? Cats, of course!

It’s about time we shake up the Olympics in a big way. Sure, humans are great. But here are a few Olympic sports that would be way better with cats.


A sport that involves chasing and batting around a birdie? Sign my kitty up!

Cats would love the game of badminton. In fact, there’s no reason to get rackets and nets involved. So long as they can attack a feathered object, they’ll be happy to compete.


You’ve probably seen cats play-boxing humans, dogs, and other cats. They’re natural boxers. So it’s about time to put that talent to use.

The match would be over when one of the cats gets bored and just wanders off to take a nap in the sunlight. These kinds of fights don’t last long.

Rhythmic Gymnastics

If there were ever a sport made for cats, it would probably include agility, grace, and chasing a ribbon around. Rhythmic gymnastics is basically a sport where people gracefully wave around giant cat toys.

The fact that cats haven’t already stormed the event in years past is surprising.


No one is more adorable when wrestling than a cute cat. In fact, there should be a kitten division of this sport for an extra “aww” factor.

This is another sport where the matches probably wouldn’t last too long before the participants got bored and wandered off as if nothing happened.

Equestrian Dressage

You may think it would be odd to see animals riding other animals, but barn cats perch on horses all the time.

They may not be great at performing tricks, but kitties certainly are adorable when they take their naps on top of a nice, warm, furry horse. Maybe the gold should go to the best napper.

Pole Vault

Cats climb poles all the time, even when you don’t want them to. Using a pole to climb over an obstacle wouldn’t be a problem for them. Getting them to come down on the other side, however, might be a bit more of a challenge.

This might be a sport where the fire department needs to stand by for rescue.

High Jump

Cats can jump. If you’ve ever had a cat, you know how amazing they are at jumping. And they always land on their feet.

No human can compete with an animal that can jump several times its own height from a standing position. And unlike humans, cats aren’t landing gracelessly on their backs.


Cats are happy to chase down and play with a ball, but it could be even more fun for kitties if the ball is replaced by a crumpled up piece of paper or a shiny ball of tin foil or a ball of yarn. It doesn’t take much to please a cat.

They may not have much interest in putting the ball in a goal, though.


One of the main requirements of sailing is that you need to stay in the boat. And no one is better at staying in the boat than a cat. Why would you want to get your fur wet?

If staying in the boat is half of the competition, cats would be well on their way to taking home the gold.


Cats have the speed, the agility, and the grace to put any black belt to shame. In fact, it’s cats’ natural ninja-like skills that make them so good at martial arts.

No human could compete with the silent, swift, assassin-like moves of a feline. They’d take home the gold, silver, and bronze just to have more shiny things to play with.

What sport do you think cats would be good at? Would you like to see a kitty version of the Olympics? Let us know in the comments below!

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