Remembrance Rituals: What Some People Are Doing To Honor Their Pet When They Die

It was exciting to share ideas with you in our last blog about what people are doing to honor their cat when they die. From that, you got the permission you needed to do what you WANT to do, not what others tell you that you SHOULD or SHOULDN’T do. You do what you want to do to honor this precious love in your life.

You’re probably like most people. It seems like just yesterday that you brought that new little kitty home. And, here we are today. She’s grayed, her gait is slower, with more stretches on rising from the bed or floor. She’s thinner and her eyes a bit cloudy.

Where did the time go?

Death is for sure a part of life. It’s one of the “when’s” that we sign up for when we get a pet. The day that we know we are on the final walk, whether it’s age or illness related. It’s that day.

The permission of today is to take “that day” and to begin to fill it with all of those things that you will want to remember. Those things that you know in your heart you will always want to have, from the recording of their special bark or meow to a photo of them in that spot they always lie in the garden.

Close your eyes for a minute and see these things. Hear these things.

What are they?

We were going to talk more about rituals in this piece. It’s important to have the rememberance rituals down before that final day as these are the events and activities that might just shape what you will do after death.

Take some time to reflect on these things. It is sad for the reality of life, old age or sickness, to happen, it’s also one that we should cherish and relish. For it really is about the entire life that we share together with our beloved pets.

It’s important to transition from the mentality of “they died” to “let me tell you how he really lived.” This is true of people and pets.

Celebrate the days they lived and you shared together.

What remembrance rituals have you done to celebrate the life of your pet? Share them in the comments to help others. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions via my Facebook page: Two Hearts Pet Loss

By: Coleen A. Ellis



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