Check-in on Garfield: Adopted

On June 4, CatTime reported on Garfield, a 10-year-old, 40-pound cat who was left at New York Animal Care & Control in NYC in late May. The feline was rescued by North Shore Animal League America (NSAL).

Garfield’s new owners will try and get the 40-pound cat to slim down and lose weight.

According to Beth Stern, wife of Howard Stern and spokesperson for the NSAL, the feline has been adopted.

Stern promoted finding the cat a home on the GoodDay New York program.

“It was very important that Garfield find the right adopter who would help him lose the 20 [pounds] of weight he needs to lose to maintain a healthy lifestyle,” Stern wrote on the NSAL website. “Garfield is on his way to becoming thinner with monitored feedings and lots of needed exercise.”

Garfield’s new owners, a couple, were not named, but they have had experience with overweight cats. Their previous cat, now deceased, was obese when they adopted him, but managed to get the feline to shed nine pounds. They hope to slim down Garfield.

Garfield is another in a line of high-profile obese cats; other overweight cats that were left at shelters include Sponge Bob and Meow.

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