LOL cat art exhibit on display in London

Cat and/or art lovers who live in London, or plan to visit, may want to check out LOLCat Teh Exhibishun (not a typo – that’s how it is spelled), which is open now until February 15 at The Framers Gallery. The event was put together by Soapbox & Sons.

“Tranz Cat” by Kat Wojcik

“This is the LOLCat Exhibition, which is all based around the notorious Internet meme, LOLCat,” curator Jenny Theolin told the BBC. “I started off on Twitter. I Tweeted out as a curator,” Jenny Theolin and low and behold, they all pounced on the idea and it was amazing.

“[The exhibition] includes typographers, poets, photographers, you name it, we’ve got it.”

Forty-nine exhibitors have their work on display; 50 percent of the proceeds go to the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Check out some of the selections: