This super cute Korean cat is a huge box lover just like all cats :)
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How Your Cat Would Rank Their Top 12 Favorite Types Of Cardboard Boxes [PICTURES]

Cats love cardboard boxes. Science has proved this to be a universal truth. Place a cardboard box on the floor, and any and all nearby cats will instantly hop inside of it.

But have you ever thought about which type of cardboard box is the best fit for your cat? Is it an oversized moving box? The ubiquitous Amazon Prime box? Or even a raggedy shoe box you long forget to throw away?

Well, wonder no more as we’ve decided to solve that little kitty dilemma for the ages in the most impartial way possible — by checking out Instagram pics and ranking cardboard boxes for your cat!

12. Half-Full Box


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A post shared by Mozzy (@mozzythecat)

Overcrowding your kitty with your doomsday supplies is just not cool. Always properly clear out your cardboard boxes before gifting them to your cats.

11. Moving Box

From what I can gather, this is one of many cardboard slices that formed a moving box. Craftily, this kitty has done some moving in of their own.

Remember, before you throw out your moving boxes, let your kitty pick out their favorite to keep!

10. Board Game Box


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A post shared by Jemima (@jemimamadsen)

Along with hopping in cardboard boxes, most felines also count ruining board games among their top hobbies.

Our friend here is showing his anti-capitalism side by scuppering his humans’ plans to play Monopoly.

9. Amazon Prime Box

During times of boredom, we all enjoy ordering things we don’t really need from Amazon. Even if you’re attempting a frugal month, the two-day shipping guarantee usually seduces even the most prudent of savers.

Cats are on board with the profligate spending, especially as it means they can expect a new cardboard box to lounge around in. The only issue is Amazon’s somewhat random approach to box sizing.

As the perturbed-looking Milo here has discovered, an undersized box can put a frown on any feline’s face.

8. Shoe Or Sneaker Box


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A post shared by Fuzzy, Lua e Aurora (@umdoisgatos)

Super snug is the word when it comes to repurposing a shoe box. Marvel at how Alice has slipped into this svelte box and then tucked herself in with some cartoon-themed packing paper.

Gold star!

7. Deep-Walled Box


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A post shared by @catteus_lord_leicester

A box with very deep walls offers an excellent challenge for any particularly spritely and curious cat.

Just check out the look of personal achievement on Dr. Catteus Lord Leicester’s face here; although, he’s quickly about to learn the metaphorical life lesson that leaping out is trickier than hopping in.

6. Collapsed Box


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A post shared by Cutie and Patti (@twocutewoots)

A wildcard entry, but never forget that a collapsed corrugated cardboard box of any size can be just as much fun as a properly constructed box.

As this Burmese knows, improvisation is never to be frowned upon.

5. Cupcake Box

A very diplomatic solution, kitty gets a box, and you get cupcakes!

Everyone wins in this situation.

4. Box With Paper Packaging In It


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A post shared by Chris B. (@amused_in_austin)

Boxes still half full of water bottles might not be cool — see above —  but a cardboard box with some paper packaging left inside it is always appreciated.

It’s all about the crinkly noise.

3. Chewy Box


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A post shared by Summer (@raudiwagen)

Online pet product vendor Chewy’s standard boxes make for great low-walled cat loungers.

Although, attempting to combine a few together into some grand kitty architecture project is trickier than it seems.

2. Beer Box


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Good craft beer and cats are two things that never disappoint, so it’s only right that leftover beer bottle boxes work like a charm.

Check out how this refined Domestic Shorthair has turned hers into a classy beer fort.

1. USPS Priority Mail Box


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A post shared by Hi I’m Norton! (@nortonthedevonrex)

Grumble about the less-than-stellar nature of the actual mail delivering part of the United States Postal Service all you want, but for cat parents they do excellent work.

Why? Because you can pop into any local post office and pick up a Priority Mail box for free and take it home for your cat.

As young Norton, pictured here, can testify, they make for perfectly snug lounge furniture.

What kind of box is your cat’s favorite? Would they agree with these very unscientific rankings? Let us know in the comments below!

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