A sleeping cat in a pile of colourful laundry

10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Adopt A Cat

Photo taken in Hong Kong, Hong Kong
(Picture Credit: Tse Pui Lung Lewis / EyeEm/Getty Images)

You may not think a creature who sleeps most of the day will change your life that much, but any experienced cat parent can tell you that your whole world is going to be different in a big way.

When you adopt a cat, especially one who’s been longing for a loving forever home, you’re welcoming a ball of fur into your life that will shape the way you live, change the way you love, and leave you a different, better person.

Here are ten ways that adopting a cat will change your life. Because, your life will absolutely change, in both big and small ways, once you bring that kitty home.

Yes, your life is about to change, but it will change into a life filled with affection and happiness.

How has your life changed since you got a cat? Do you feel like cats have made you a better person? Let us know in the comments below!

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