10 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Adopt A Cat

When you adopt a cat, especially one who’s been longing for a loving forever home, you’re welcoming a ball of fur into your life that will shape the way you live, change the way you love, and leave you a different, better person.

by Mike Clark
August 5th

Tips For Leaving Your Cat Home Alone

It’s true – cats do get separation anxiety, and it can manifest itself via a variety of symptoms, including going outside the litter box, vomiting, and more.

by CatTime
March 21st

Managing Cat Allergens In The Home

Whether you get the occasional sniffle or you’ve got itchy eyes and skin rashes, cat allergies can be a pain. But they don’t mean you have to forgo having a feline friend. Here’s a list of tips to manage cat allergens around your living space.

by CatTime
March 18th

The Advantages Of Adopting A Senior Cat

Looking to add a feline to the family, but think that kittens are too much work? Consider an older kitty instead with the top three advantages of adopting a senior cat.

by CatTime
November 13th

Senior Cats: Proper Care And What To Expect

Aging doesn’t mean your cat isn’t long for this world—far from it—but it is a clue that it’s time to start watching for the health problems and diseases that sometimes accompany old age.

by CatTime
November 1st

Special Needs Cats Of The Week: Booger and Tony

Back in 2016, Liz Kirkham found a feral cat in a deathly ill state outside her apartment complex in Oxford, Ohio — and it was the start of a journey that would involve love, heartbreak, and the rescue of a second feline in need.

by Phillip Mlynar
October 10th, 2017

ID Tags, Microchips, And Your Cat’s Safety

This tiny chip, implanted (safely and painlessly) between your cat’s shoulders, remains with the animal his entire life. Consider it a valuable back-up plan should your cat’s tags become removed or the collar lost.

by CatTime
May 5th, 2017
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