Cat with amputated paw, with three legs
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Texas Cat ‘Porridge’ Hit by Car Looking for Forever Home

Porridge, a cat who survived a car accident, is now looking for a forever home. The injured feline was brought into Wonky Whiskers Rescue when he was found hit by a car. While his injuries were quite severe, the kitty is expected to recover fully except for missing a leg and an eye. Despite all this, Porridge loves to climb around and is now on the lookout for a loving home.

Cat ‘Porridge’ looking for loving home after being hit by car in Texas

When Porridge was first brought into the Texas animal rescue, he was severely injured. He had been hit by a car and his leg needed to be amputated. The feline is also now blind in one eye and has required wire support for his jaw to recover. Due to the jaw injury, he now has a lopsided grin with an adorable snaggletooth. His tongue also sticks out of his mouth.

Porridge’s injuries were extremely severe, but he managed to make it through. According to Fox News, he is about four years old and loves to climb, although he is missing one of his legs. Madison Ohler, founder of Wonky Whiskers Rescue, noted that the staff members often find him relaxing on high shelves where he is hard to reach.

Moreover, the feline loves pets and being the center of attention. He tends to make his way into closets to climb to the highest shelf, staring down at his humans as he waits for pets. However, Porridge prefers submissive animals to share his space with. He also doesn’t mind fellow cats who mind their own business and loves being around people.

Porridge is a snuggly kitty and quite possessive of his humans. His jaw is currently recovering, but in two weeks, he should be ready for adoption. The wire will be removed from his jaw, and he will be ready to head home with a kind samaritan.

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