Beautiful paralyzed orange cat in stroller.
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Paralyzed Cat Looking for Cuddles up for Adoption in Texas

A paralyzed cat named Shrimp is looking for a forever home. The 3-year-old kitty is currently in the care of Wonky Whiskers Rescue in Texas and is ready for adoption. While the feline might have lost the function of her hind legs, it doesn’t stop her from being cuddly with humans and living a normal life.

Paralyzed cat ‘Shrimp’ looking for forever home

Shrimp is a beautiful Turkish Angora cat who loves snuggling. Unfortunately, in December 2022, she fell from the third story and sustained a spinal cord injury, which led to the feline losing the function of her back legs. Shrimp has gone through several sessions of therapy and testing but has never regained the function of her hind legs.

The paralyzed cat used to have an owner but was surrendered in June 2023. So, she is back on the lookout for her human, who will enjoy spending time with her. Unfortunately, her one-year mark at the rescue is quickly approaching, and Wonky Whiskers Rescue hopes she can find a loving home before that.

While the kitty is disabled, she can move around on her own. According to Fox News, she does use a wheelchair but can easily scoot around without it. Shrimp can climb independently, so one doesn’t need to worry if they live in a home with stairs. She is a healthy kitty who tends to require a smidge more love and care than the average cat.

The Texas rescue’s founder, Madison Ohler, noted that one has to express Shrimp’s bladder thrice a day. However, the process is relatively easy, and one can quickly master it. The paralyzed cat is petite, weighing only eight pounds. Ohler went on to call the kitty a “cuddle bug” because she loves cozying up with her human.

Madison Ohler also stated that adopting a paralyzed cat is worth it and it’s nothing to be scared of as the bond they form with their human is unique.

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