Black cat walking in the street with car on the background
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Cat Tossed From Vehicle in Pennsylvania, Rescued by Passerby

A cat was recently tossed out of a vehicle in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Fortunately, a kind woman witnessed the scene and promptly rescued the feline. She brought the cat to Frankie’s Friends animal rescue in New Kensington. The rescue is asking for everyone’s cooperation to help figure out the identity of the suspect and the reasoning behind this insensitive act.

Cat rescued after being tossed out of vehicle in Pittsburgh

A Pennsylvania resident witnessed an animal cruelty act when she saw an individual toss out a cat from their vehicle. The kind woman immediately took action as she noticed the feline was scared and frozen in place. The rescue noted it was fortunate that the kitty didn’t run. Otherwise, it would have been hard for the passerby to rescue him and bring him to Frankie’s Friends.

The cat is a Persian mix named Nelly, as per CBS News. The kind Samaritan rescued the kitty and took him to her car, calling the rescue about seeing someone toss him out. Medical director and president of Frankie’s Friends, Becky Morrow, noted that it was a “miracle” the cat didn’t attempt to run.

However, what puzzles the rescue is why anyone would resort to this. While animal abandonment is inhumane in itself, throwing the cat out of a vehicle is an act of animal cruelty. Morrow stated that the action shows the suspect didn’t care about the feline whatsoever. Thus, she is looking for answers. Since they don’t have a clear description of the vehicle or its license plate number, the rescue is asking for the public’s help to solve this case.

Fortunately, Frankie’s Friends assured everyone concerned that the kitty would be alright. Nelly is about a year old and scared after the traumatic experience. Although the cat has a grumpy face, he is sweet and friendly. The animal rescue is determined to help Nelly find a forever home to give him all the love and care he needs.

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