Man holds rescued stray kitten
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Kitten ‘Eloise’ Rescued From Metro Train in California

On May 6, a Metro rider noticed a one-month-old kitten abandoned in the C Line train. After they informed the train operator, the kitten was rescued and transported to the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center.

One-month-old kitten rescued from Metro train in Los Angeles

On Monday, a passenger discovered a tiny kitten aboard the Metro C Line train. Someone had abandoned the little one, and the rider helped save her. He reported the abandoned kitten to the train operator, who rescued the kitty and safely transported her to an adoption center.

The rescue kitten has been named Eloise, per NBC Los Angeles. Fortunately, the vets gave her a clean bill after her medical examination, and she appears to be in good health. Moreover, she is happy and healthy at a foster home. She will have to stay there for four more weeks, which is when she will be old enough to be put up for adoption.

This incident helped spcaLA highlight that the community needs to be more compassionate toward all animals. If the kind samaritan hadn’t informed the authorities about the one-month-old kitten on a timely basis, she could have been dehydrated and potentially injured as well.

Kitten trapped in storm drain rescued in New Jersey

In a similar case, another kitten was rescued from a storm drain in Bridgewater, New Jersey, where the poor thing was trapped. Authorities worked overnight to save the little thing from her predicament. Thankfully, a resident spotted the kitten trapped in the storm drain and reported the same to animal control.

Three hours and lots of effort later, the kitten was saved with the help of a trap. The kitty has been appropriately named Stormy and is safe and sound in an animal shelter. She was dehydrated when she was finally rescued, per Patch. However, now she is all vaccinated and keeping warm in the shelter.

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