A black cat with large yellow eyes observes his surroundings uncertainly. Looks similar to the kitten who was rescued from a storm drain in Denver, Colorado.
(Photo Credit: Anita Kot | Getty Images)

Colorado Kitten Trapped in Storm Drain for 4 Days Rescued

On June 27, a kitten was finally rescued after being trapped in a storm drain in Denver, Colorado, for four days. The feline was stuck in the pipe, and some residents tried their best to save him. However, after several failed attempts, they had to ask for help from the West Metro Fire Rescue.

Kitten trapped in storm drain finally rescued in Denver

Last month, a couple of Good Samaritans tried to rescue a kitten stuck in a storm drain for about four days. The West Metro Fire Rescue posted about the incident on its X — formerly known as Twitter — account. The feline is a beautiful black kitty who was saved and is recuperating from his scary ordeal. He is currently in a 10-day quarantine, after which the residents who helped rescue him plan to bring him home.

Residents Max and Kat spotted the kitten days before the rescue mission. In the video, they noted that he ran into the storm drain pipe from a nearby home. After trying to save the feline for several days, they called the authorities for some help, per KDVR.

The joint effort of West Metro Engine 3, Max and Kat, and Lakewood Animal Control finally saved the kitty. The cat-loving locals are already in love with the black kitten and plan to bring him home after his quarantine period.

In a similar case, on July 3, another black kitten was rescued from a storm drain in Evesham, New Jersey. The feline was much younger than the one saved in Colorado. According to Shore NewsNetwork, thanks to Evesham Fire Rescue and the Evesham Township Police Department, the kitty made it out of the drain safely.

When spooked by people or passing vehicles, kittens often run into nearby storm drains and sewers. The feline could be part of a stray litter or have been abandoned by someone on the side of the road. Fortunately, his rescuers saved him in time, and he already has a loving forever home.

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