Small black and white kitten, similar to the one rescued off the freeway from under the dashboard in California.
(Photo Credit: Weiquan Lin | Getty Images)

Trapped Kitten Rescued From Under the Dashboard in California

A passerby saved a kitten from the side of a freeway in San Ramona, California, on June 28. However, the little one got trapped under the dashboard on their drive back. Fortunately, the kitten was safely rescued from under the dashboard with the help of the authorities. The best part is that the rescuer plans to adopt the kitten and provide her with a forever home.

Kitten rescued off freeway in San Ramon gets trapped under the dashboard

On Friday, Natalie Borton spotted a kitty while driving along a freeway in San Ramona, California. The Kind Samaritan stopped her car and rescued the kitten, only for her to wedge herself under the dashboard while Borton was driving. The rescuer was planning to take the kitty to the Veterinary Emergency Group to get her checked up for potential injuries.

The kitten was stuck near the brake pedal, earning her the name Gaz Pedal from the vet. To ensure the feline didn’t injure herself, Borton stopped her vehicle and asked for assistance from the San Ramon Valley Fire Department. The firefighters did their best to save the little one but could not because one of her hind legs was stuck.

The officials told KRON that her foot was stuck around the internal brake mechanism. Moreover, it was twisted around the same, so hasty action was a no-go. The firefighters could finally rescue the kitty with additional help from a mobile vet and mechanic. The vet had to sedate the little one for a safe extrication.

After the kitten was rescued from under the dashboard, she was promptly taken to a vet for a check-up. While further information about the feline’s condition hasn’t been provided, she already has a forever home. Her rescuer, Natalie Borton, plans to bring Gaz Pedal home after her medical examinations and rename her Gaz or Gazzie.

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