A little white and orange kitten on a street, similar to the one rescued off a freeway by a CHP officer in Monterey, who later went back to the shelter to adopt her.
(Photo Credit: Oxana Abramova | Getty Images)

California Officer Rescues Kitten off Freeway & Adopts Her

On June 14, a California Highway Patrol (CHP) officer rescued a kitten off a freeway in Monterey. After the scary ordeal, the feline was handed over to the local SPCA. However, a few days after saving the kitty, the officer returned to the animal shelter to adopt her and make her a permanent part of his family.

Officer rescues kitten off freeway in Monterey, goes back to shelter to adopt her

Earlier this month, CHP received a call reporting a tiny kitty spotted on Highway 1 in Monterey, California. Officer Ryan Moore responded to the call, trying to grab the feline after parking his car. However, she was scared and made a run for it every time he tried to approach her. Moore finally had to conduct a traffic break with the help of his fellow CHP officers to rescue the kitten off the freeway.

Moore told KTVU that the little one making it out of the traffic without them rescuing her was next to impossible. Even if she managed to escape being hit by a car, the chances of someone else trying to save her with vehicles zooming by were full of risks. Thus, the CHP officer decided to pause the traffic and try his best to rescue the kitten off the freeway.

Finally, they handed the feline to the SPCA Monterey County. The shelter workers named her Chippy to honor her rescuers. However, Moore went back to the shelter to officially adopt the kitty. His children fell in love with her after hearing about their father’s rescue mission. His daughter, Hadlee Moore, believed it was meant to be. Moreover, the CHP officer didn’t need much convincing to bring the little one to her new forever home.

The kitten has now been named Chippy the Freeway Cat because of her extraordinary rescue by the CHP officer. The feline’s new family absolutely adores her. Moore and his kids find Chippy to be a beautiful kitty who is also extremely cute. They are happy they decided to adopt her.

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