Abandoned cats sitting in a broken plastic container
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28 Cats Rescued From Crates on Roadside in Tennessee

On May 28, a total of 28 felines were found abandoned on the side of the road in Lewisburg, Tennessee. Unfortunately, one of the kittens died, and the rest of the little ones were extremely malnourished. The cats were rescued from a busy road, abandoned in metal crates. Some of them were also shoved into plastic totes.

16 cats and 11 kittens rescued from crates in Lewisburg, one feline dead

Last Tuesday, Lucky’s Cat House received a distressing call from a kind samaritan. The passerby notified them of a pile of crates and totes, all of which were stuffed with cats and kittens. According to The Dodo, the pile was on the side of a busy road in Lewisburg, Tennessee. The situation could have been worse if the shelter had not rescued the cats immediately.

When the felines were found, they were dehydrated and malnourished and needed extensive treatment to ensure they survived. Lucky’s Cat House’s board member Brandy Fox rescued the cats and kittens from the crates and totes. Unfortunately, one of the kittens was already dead, but they could safely rescue the rest of the felines.

While the kittens seemed in poor health, the adult cats were doing quite well, and the shelter was hopeful they would make it through. However, figuring out which cats the kittens belonged to was next to impossible. The little ones are under urgent foster care, with volunteers doing their best to nourish them back to health.

On their Facebook page, the shelter noted that the kittens have been determined to be about six weeks old. However, they are extremely malnourished, and some are only the size of about three-week-old kittens. Moreover, all of the felines are being treated for coccidia.

Fox stated that the adult cats are still doing well and are expected to be up for adoption soon. However, the kittens are a different story. Fox told WKRN, “To see them so small and so tiny, and we want them to pull through…I am actually going to be taking one of the groups home with me that are the poorer of the groups that we’ve got split up…”

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