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About 100 Cats Rescued From UK Home, Most Were Black

Up to 100 felines were recovered from a property in the United Kingdom last Wednesday. Unfortunately, most of the abandoned kitties rescued were black cats. What’s worse, several pregnant felines and kittens were among them.

About 100 abandoned cats rescued from Kent property, majority were black

On May 29, Safe Haven Animal Rescue found about 100 abandoned felines from a property in Dartford, Kent. Most of the rescued cats were black, which the staff members found very odd. The organization told BBC that several of the felines they saved were either pregnant or very young.

Unfortunately, black cats are among the most abandoned compared to all the different colored coats. The superstition surrounding these kitties plays a massive role in people abandoning them. Aesthetics also plays a role, as many don’t consider black cats appealing to add to their brood. However, cat lovers who tend to avoid bringing home a black feline usually do so due to the fear of them running out onto the streets and getting run over by a vehicle.

Although they are the most rescued cats, Safe Haven Animal Rescue still found it strange that there were so many in one property. The black cats were all rescued from a four-bedroom home, with 20 residing inside the house while the others hid in the bushes surrounding the property.

Black cats take longer to get adopted, so sadly, they will have to return to save the rest. They must wait until the ones they saved are rehomed to avoid overcrowding their facility. Often referred to as black cat syndrome, shelters, and rescues usually have difficulty rehoming black kitties.

However, one should look beyond the beliefs and try to provide a forever home for a black feline. Due to people’s unwillingness to bring home a black cat, they are readily available in shelters. So, if you are planning to add a feline friend to your family, consider adopting a black kitty.

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