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UK Cat Reunites With Owner, Went Missing for 12 Years

A cat reunited with his owner 12 years after going missing in 2012. The feline went missing from his family home when his humans were moving houses from Chester to Wales. After looking for him for months, his owners lost hope of finding him.

Cat went missing for 12 years from UK family home, reunites with owner

Theo-Will McKenna’s cat Artie went missing from their family home in 2012. While they were moving from Blacon, Chester, to Flintshire, Wales, the feline managed to escape. The United Kingdom resident told Fox News he was only 17 when his beloved pet had gone missing. The cat has now happily reunited with his owner, and McKenna notes that it was all due to “community kindness.”

Artie finally reunited with McKenna in May, when he was spotted in a garden where the family previously stayed. After spending about four days there, the family who currently stay there took him to the vet. Fortunately, the feline was microchipped, as the vet could successfully find that Artie belonged to the McKennas. The number registered was that of North Clwyd Animal Rescue, which then posted about this incident on its social platforms.

Eventually, Theo-Will McKenna’s friend contacted him after recognizing the pictures of the feline. The cat looked skinny and disheveled, so much so that it took the 29-year-old some time to recognize his beloved pet. The rescue first treated Artie for his hyperthyroidism and some lumps in his ears. They also had to remove some of his teeth. Once he was stable, they shared his story on their social media to help locate his human.

Now, the cat has reunited with his owner and returned home with him. Currently, McKenna has another cat, so Artie is slowly getting used to living alongside her. However, the U.K. resident was happy to note that the feline is doing perfectly fine and “purring up a storm” when he is with his human.

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