Close-up portrait of heroic fireman in protective suit and red helmet holds saved cat in his arms.
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Kitten Rescued From Fire Engine by Firefighters in Ohio

On May 21, firefighters from the Cleveland Division of Fire were in for a surprise when they discovered a kitty trapped in their fire engine’s pump compartment. The kitten was stuck in the chamber, and the firefighters helped rescue the little thing. The pump compartment gets extremely hot, so the fire department personnel were relieved the feline could escape death.

Kitten trapped in pump compartment rescued by firefighters in Cleveland

Firefighters were running a scheduled check on their fire engine on Tuesday. When they turned it off, they heard something screaming in the pump compartment. Upon closer inspection, they noticed that there was a kitten in need of rescue. According to Fox 8, the fire department personnel noted that she was lucky and managed to escape death somehow because the pump compartment tends to get very hot.

The feline is only about six weeks old. The firefighters believe she might have climbed in for cover at some point and got stuck there till she was finally rescued. Her rescuers have named the little thing Sparta, going by the fire engine’s model where they found her. Personnel believe she probably tried to hitch a ride only to get trapped in the hot compartment.

Fortunately, the kitten made it out alive. When they found her, she was pretty dehydrated, so the firefighters tried to give her food and water. Other than that, she looked alright, just a little scared. Her rescuers also tried to clean her up and calm her down after the traumatic experience she had been through.

The kitty has already found a forever home with one of her rescuers. Maintenance Supervisor Lucas McCartney’s wife instantly fell in love with the rescued kitten and asked him to bring her home. The feline was also happy to be brought home, as the Cleveland Fire Station 10 official noted that she started eating once she was in his house. Additionally, the kitten also opened up to her new family quite well.

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