A small black kitten sticks his claws into a scratching post while playing.
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Brave Kitten Saves His Siblings Single-Handedly in Canada

A two-week-old brave kitten embarked on a risky journey alone to save his siblings in Canada. The litter of four was born in a bucket and was orphaned at a very young age, which led to the feline taking the responsibility to save his brothers and sister. Now, the kittens are in intensive care, as there are still chances of complications.

Brave kitten goes on risky journey alone to save siblings in British Columbia

Rescuers were amazed at little Aslan’s journey to ensure his siblings survived. The brave kitten was part of a starving litter and was abandoned by the mama cat. The four felines were stuck in a bucket that was on a farm in British Columbia, Canada. However, Aslan wasn’t one to give up, as he managed to escape the bucket and embark on an incredible journey that led him to a farmer, who then called Tiny Kittens Rescue.

The black feline was found crying, and after looking around, the farmer found his siblings. Fortunately, they found Aslan’s siblings just in time as the bucket was filling up with water from all the rain. In an Instagram post introducing the new rescues, Tiny Kitten perfectly described Aslan as the “panther hero kitten.” His siblings have been named Liza, Quince, and Farkleberry.

Aslan’s name comes from the lion in “The Chronicles of Narnia.” Shelly Roche, the founder of Tiny Kittens, told CTV News, “We wanted to honor him for the fact that he saved his family.” His rescuers were surprised the brave kitten had the strength to pull himself out of the bucket.

When the litter was first brought in, the kitties were emaciated, dehydrated, lethargic, and hypothermic. Moreover, Aslan was worse off than the rest as he was exposed to the chill longer. However, his brother Quince wasn’t doing well either, as he was the runt of the litter. In its latest update, Tiny Kittens mentioned that although the kittens will be under observation for another week, the staff members have started feeling hopeful about their survival.

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