Tips To Keep Your Cat Safe This Valentine’s Day

Looking for a little romance on Valentine’s Day? Make sure and look out for your pet’s safety, too, as items that show affection can be deadly for dogs and cats. Here are some tips for keeping furry family members safe on this holiday.

by CatTime
February 14th

Cat Video Fest 2019! Coming In March To Theaters Near YOU!

Want to have a fun evening for the entire family and raise money for cats in need? Cat Video Fest 2019, appearing in theaters, is a 70 minute compilation of the newest, best, and funniest cat video clips, sourced animation, music videos, and feline internet powerhouses.

by Julia
February 20th, 2019

Investigators using forensics in cat-killer case

According to a piece in The Canadian Press, investigators in Vancouver are using forensics to determine how several cats died that are thought to have been killed by the same person.Located east of Vancouver, the city of Maple Ridge has been terrorized for almost a year by a person who has been killing cats and […]

by CatTime
June 4th, 2012

Killer stalks cats in Canada

It sounds like the ideal plot for an episode of CSI; unfortunately, for cat owners in a city east of Vancouver, it’s all too real.According to the Nanaimo Daily News in Canada, authorities have warned Maple Ridge residents to keep an eye on their pets – especially cats – as 24 felines have been killed […]

by CatTime
May 31st, 2012
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