Investigators using forensics in cat-killer case

According to a piece in The Canadian Press, investigators in Vancouver are using forensics to determine how several cats died that are thought to have been killed by the same person.

Buttercup, a Calico cat, was one of the victims.

Located east of Vancouver, the city of Maple Ridge has been terrorized for almost a year by a person who has been killing cats and often times deliberately leaving the parts of the dismembered corpse for the owner to find.

To date, a total of 24 cats have been killed – nine of which were found in the last two weeks.

Last week, a cat’s head was found by students at an elementary school during a lunch break. A witness claimed there were two men in the woods behind the facility, but a police search of the area yielded no arrests.

Maple Ridge residents are advised to keep an eye on their house cats, and keep them indoors.

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