black kitten with big open eyes sitting on a road
(Photo Credit: Marc Andreu | Getty Images)

Truck Driver & Police Rescue Kitten From Highway in Florida

A tiny black kitten was rescued from a busy highway in Florida with the joint effort of a truck driver and a police officer. The kitten was found in the middle of the road with vehicles zooming past. Without the kind rescuers, one of the cars would have run over the kitty.

Police rescue kitten from busy Florida highway, truck driver helps stop traffic

While police officer Stanfield was on patrol, he noticed a little kitten lying down in the middle of NW U.S. Highway 441. The officer immediately sprung into action. However, the rescue mission was a success because of the help of a truck driver. The driver kindly used their truck to block the oncoming traffic. This allowed the police officer to safely rescue the kitten from the middle of the busy highway.

Stanfield is part of the Alachua Police Department. After rescuing the feline, he informed his colleagues that he had discovered a kitty in the middle of the road. According to WEAU, he told his fellow officers, “I just found a baby kitten in the middle of 441.” The best part is the feline has already found a forever home with one of the dispatchers.

In a similar case, another kitten was saved recently from a busy street in Dutchess County, New York. While people don’t know how the Florida kitty made it to the highway, the New York kitten was dumped by someone. The driver who rescued her was witness to the heartbreaking scene as the feline was tossed out of a car window onto the busy street.

Although the Florida kitten has already found a loving home, the New York feline named Paradise will have to wait until she is old enough. Once she reaches her weight goal and has been spayed, she will be put up for adoption. Currently, she is in foster care, where she is receiving all the love and care she deserves.

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