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Cat Missing for 2 Years Returns Home to Family in UK

A missing cat has found his way back home in the United Kingdom. The feline had been missing for two years and was only three years old when his humans couldn’t find him anywhere. He found his way home on May 17, looking “a little scruffy.”

Cat goes missing for years in UK, returns home ‘little scruffy’

On Friday, Sian Williams saw a feline friend outside her house when she opened her door to take out the trash. She lives in the village of Begbroke in Oxfordshire and has only a single lamp lighting her street. All she could make out was a small figure on the floor when she stepped outside.

However, upon further inspection, she realized the little dark figure was a cat. After finding his behavior very familiar, she tried calling her family cat’s name, Nev. In an interview with BBC, she exclaimed, “I never gave up hope that he would return.” Upon hearing his name, the feline responded to Williams, running into her arms.

The cat went missing in May 2022 and returned home in the same month two years later. It was very out of character for the kitty to wander, so Williams never lost hope of finding Nev. She said her heart was racing when she realized her beloved pet cat was back.

The feline was Sian Williams’ first pet, and she was left heartbroken when she couldn’t find him anywhere. She was distraught to the point that she even questioned if she had done something wrong for the kitty to leave her.

Unfortunately, 2021 and 2022 had been tough years for Williams due to the loss of her family members. So, losing her beloved cat was all the more heartbreaking. She stated that she would make a quick trip to the vet because Nev looked a little beat up.

The cat had some of his fur missing, along with some scratches, which she would like to get checked up to ensure he was doing alright. Fortunately, besides those injuries, the kitty is doing just fine and being his usual curious self.

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