Russian blue cat lying on the window
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Nevada Couple Reunite With Their Lost Cat After 5 Years

A Nevada couple were shocked after they received a call in March notifying them that their lost cat was found in Arkansas. The feline went missing about five years ago in the home state of owners Cindy and Jeff Hall. However, the beautiful Russian Blue cat, Sam, was found in a gas station in another state, and the couple called it a “miracle” to have reunited with their beloved pet.

Nevada cat parents find lost feline in Arkansas years later

Cindy and Jeff first adopted Sam when he was only 12 weeks old. This was 12 years ago, and the couple lost their cat after having him with them for about seven years. The feline escaped their house somehow and had been missing since that day. Despite the Halls’ best efforts, their beloved cat was nowhere to be found.

That all changed when Sam decided to walk up to two women who work for Alone 2 Home pet transport. They found him at a gas station in Arkansas and brought him to Jacksonville Animal Hospital. Fortunately, the cat was microchipped, so they could use the information from that to get in touch with the animal rescue where he was first adopted. Then, the rescue got in touch with Cindy and Jeff.

Cindy says that their reunion story was “beautiful,” per People. She finds it “surreal” that she can hold Sam in her arms after losing hope of ever finding him. It also shows how important it is to microchip one’s pets. Microchipping your cat can facilitate amazing reunion stories such as this.

As of this year, Sam is 12 years old and can happily return home to enjoy the luxury of being a beloved pet. While waiting for his parents to pick him up, the Jacksonville Animal Hospital gave the cat the “royal treatment.” Moreover, Alone 2 Home pet transport assisted him back home.

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