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Cat Reunites With Owner After Vanishing During Tornado

On May 6, when a tornado hit the town of Barnsdall in Oklahoma, Lindsay Crowder and her family decided to head to the town shelter. However, they left behind their pets as they never expected their house to disappear altogether. Fortunately, their cat Pikachu survived the ordeal and reunited with her owners.

Oklahoma cat vanishes during tornado, reunites with owner during news broadcast

After returning to find their home shredded to pieces by the tornado, Lindsay Crowder and her family hoped their feline friend had made it through safely. After hearing the first alert, the family took refuge in the town shelter, as per 2 News. However, they thought the tornado had passed when the siren stopped blaring.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case as it was headed straight for them, and the family headed back to the shelter. They didn’t expect the tornado to be as severe as it was. When the situation got better, they came home to find their property reduced to rubble. While they were glad they sought refuge, the family was worried about their pets, whom they left behind in their house.

The house had been knocked down, and the pets were nowhere to be seen. After hours of desperately looking for their cat while calling her name, the owners finally reunited with Pikachu. As Lindsay was on the news broadcast, the reunion became public. The feline came out of the rubble, happily jumping into the arms of her human.

The family was overjoyed to find their kitty was safe and sound. The Siamese cat had miraculously survived the destructive tornado that took down all the houses in the neighborhood. Crowder was happy to note that while they lost the house, it was something they could rebuild. However, they wouldn’t have been able to replace Pikachu if they lost her.

The Humane Society of Tulsa is working hard to reunite pets with their families. They are also helping with housing and food for the animals. Moreover, the Humane Society has its climate-controlled sheltering trailer available at the scene with 64 kennels to help with the rescue mission.

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