Pet carrier full of Ragdoll kittens, some of the 92 rescued cats in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
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92 Rescued Cats up for Adoption in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Two Lancaster locals recently became unsung heroes for 92 rescued cats who are now up for adoption, as per CBS 21 News. On Sept. 27, the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (PSPCA) rescued several felines from a breeder. The four-legged friends are currently being cared for and treated so they will soon be ready to go to their forever homes.

Forever homes needed for 92 rescued cats

The 92 cats who were rescued by PSPCA in September are now up for adoption. Two individuals who purchased their furbabies from the breeder informed the organization about their suspicions once they realized their own pets were sick. One of them reported that their feline had a temperature of 104.4 and needed to be rushed to the hospital where they were given fluids and medication.

The organization’s Animal Law Enforcement team issued a search warrant after having previously disseminated a warning. When they searched the property, they found 92 felines being kept in “filthy” conditions. In addition, many of the animals showed signs of ringworm.

PSPCA’s report states that the 92 rescued cats were “caked with litter” and had “eyes and noses full of discharge.” The investigation further revealed that the breeder was trying to treat the symptoms themselves instead of seeking medical intervention.

Although there are no charges against the individual so far, 90 cats were removed from the property. They were placed in PSPCA’s custody and are now up for adoption.

PSPCA using social media to share story of Ragdoll cats

The organization took to Instagram to spread the word about the cats available for adoption. In doing so, they noted that the breeder in question resides on Northbrook Drive in Lancaster.

PSPCA’s Instagram post further shared that many kitties will need treatment for ringworm before they can head home. Correspondingly, the rescue asked for people’s support — either in the form of donations or adoptions. It’s their hope that community members will be willing to step up to provide the furbabies with stable, healthy, and loving homes.

The 92 rescued cats are mostly of the Ragdoll variety. Pictures of the felines show a pair of bonded kittens, as well as several animals in need of serious medical care. To put it another way, the heartbreaking neglect of these animals is on full display.

You can learn more about the cats available for adoption or make a contribution to the PSPCA on their website.

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