A black cat, similar to the one who was abandoned by her owners after they moved out of their house. The feline has now found a new family.
(Photo Credit: Sally Anscombe | Getty Images)

Abandoned Black Cat Finds New Home

An abandoned cat in Ohio has finally found her forever home, reports Newsweek. Luna, a black cat, was abandoned by her owners after they moved out from their home. The feline, however, continued to live near the house and later gave birth to three adorable kittens.

Abandoned cat sought help from nearby bar after giving birth

Luna sought the help of a nearby bar to care for her kittens. “[She] kept bringing two of her kittens to the steps of the bar next door, asking for help,” Val Bohland, who works at Humane Ohio, an animal shelter, said. “Unfortunately, the patrons of the bar did not want her around and threatened to force her out.”

One of the employees at the bar shared a post on social media requesting for someone to help find the feline and her kittens a home. Subsequently, a woman named Heather picked them up and later reached out to the shelter.

“She crawled in the dirt and mud under the deck to retrieve the remaining baby and took the small family of four to her home,” Bohland shared. “Heather then contacted us at Humane Ohio, where we officially made them all a part of the Humane Ohio family.”

Luna’s three kittens — Lyra, Leo, and Lumen —soon managed to find new homes. However, their mother couldn’t find an adopter and had to wait at the shelter. Fortunately, a couple soon decided to adopt the black cat after learning about her emotional story. “To say it was love at first sight was an understatement,” Bohland said. “Luna has been through a lot of changes in her young life,”

“So it can take a moment to warm up to people and cats she doesn’t know—not the case with her new family!” Bohland further continued. Adding that Luna immediately got along with her new family, Bohland shared, “The instant they met each other it was as if they had known each other their entire lives.”

Luna now happily lives with her loving family. Her new home also has another cat as well as a German Shepherd.

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