Yes you can: Cat Battle Armor

Cat owners will do a lot for their felines, but many draw the line at dressing them up. It’s understandable.

Perhaps you have an upcoming costume party or a day set aside for binge-watching Game of Thrones, and your cat in the proper costume would be the perfect touch. For something out of the ordinary, take a look at this suit of Cat Battle Armor available on Etsy:

The item is hand-made of veg-tan leather (custom options, including different colors and designs are available), costs around $450 (U.S.), and features “articulated plates and a terrifying rack of dorsal spines.” It also features an optional ring attachment that can be placed at the cat’s torso so you can walk her with a leash (a sure conversation starter).

The cat is an adopted Savannah named Selani Dogslayer, who has her own Facebook page. As to how they got it on her, they “did it gently over a long period of time.”

Have a dog? They make armor for all types of animals.

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