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Savannah cat (Photo Credit: ajr_images via Getty)

Feline From Record-Setting Family Named World’s Tallest Cat

Most of us think that our cats are special in their own ways. As the saying goes, everyone’s kid is the best kid, and the same applies to cat parenting. Our cats may have their own unique traits that we prize, be it the way they balance on the edge of the countertop before jumping down, or the mew they use to ask for treats. But most of us don’t have actual record-breaking kitties. William John Powers, a doctor from Michigan, has owned not one, but four Guinness World Record-breaking felines. Meowza!

Fenrir, The Big, Spotted Cat

Fenrir the cat is a F2 Savannah cat. Savannah cats are the result of hybridization between the familiar domestic cat and the Serval, an African wildcat; F2 means that Fenrir is a second-generation hybrid. While Savannah cats tend to be larger than a typical domestic feline, measuring in at 14-17 inches, Fenrir takes the cake by reaching 18 inches. For comparison, most typical felines don’t exceed 10 inches in height. Powers, Fenrir’s pet parent, also lives with Altair, the cat with the world’s record for longest tail on a living domestic cat, at 16.07 inches (40.82 cm). Fenrir hails from a record-breaking biological family, too. His brother, Arcturus (who tragically died in a house fire) holds the all-time tallest cat record. Arcturus was 19.05 inches (48.4 centimeters) tall. “He just grew and grew, like Clifford the Big Red Dog.” said Powers in reference to Fenrir’s astounding height.

Could Your Kitty Be the Tallest Cat?

While it’s unlikely your cat surpassed 18 inches and you haven’t noticed, there’s plenty of other ways for cats to be astounding. There are records in place for Oldest Living Cat — maybe with exceptional care, your cat will be the one to set a new record. There are many cat-egories in the Guinness World Records for felines, including Loudest Purr, Longest Fur, and Most Tricks in One Minute. Even if your cat isn’t exceptional in these ways, they could still garner attention on social media with a new trick, interesting behavior, or even just a cute look.

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