(Picture Credit: Getty Images)

Teach Your Cat To Sit

If you’ve ever taught a dog to sit, this will sound familiar — you’ll need some cat treats and a training clicker.

  • Hold a treat just above your cat’s head and tell your kitty to, “Sit.” As your cat’s nose goes up to sniff it, his or her rear automatically goes down, right into a sit position.
  • The instant your kitty’s rear hits the floor, click a training clicker or say “Good! “ Then give kitty the treat.

You should also praise and reward your cat any time you see him or her sitting on his own. As your cat starts to sit, give a name to the action — “Sit” — then praise your cat for it and give a treat, if you have one nearby, if not, affection is a great treat too.

Once your cat has learned to sit, use the command to redirect cat behaviors you don’t like. For instance, if your cat likes to jump on your kitchen counter while you’re cooking, reward your cat for sitting at your feet instead.



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