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7 Dream Jobs For Cat Lovers

Some people love cats so much that they make a career out of their feline affinity.

If you absolutely can’t get enough kitties in your day, there are jobs out there that can help you get your cat fix.

Here are seven dream jobs for people who adore cats.

1. Cat Cafe Worker

The cat cafe trend started in Japan and has moved west as America sees more and more places to pet kitties while you sip coffee.

Meow Parlour in New York is one of these establishments. They work with a rescue group, and the cats in the cafe are available for adoption. It’s a great way for cats to find their forever homes, and it allows them to interact with humans and get more love and attention than they would in the shelter.

Staff at Meow Parlour don’t just make coffee. They also make sure the cats are taken care of, that they aren’t showing signs of stress, and that they get a chance to relax when they want a break from getting pets.

If you work at a cat cafe, then you can spend every day at work surrounded by purrs and meows!

2. Cat Circus Worker

The Amazing Acro-Cats are a group of performing felines that promote adoption and spread the word that cats can be trained to do amazing things, just like dogs. They’re just sometimes less willing to show what they’ve learned on command, but that’s part of the fun.

As a worker at this cat circus, you’ll probably spend a good amount of time wrangling cats, making sure they get food and medicine, and keeping them mentally stimulated with play time.

If you’ve ever dreamed of running off and joining the circus but felt like the circus didn’t have enough cats, then this job would be perfect.

3. Cat Social Media Guru

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If your friends know you as the person who always posts the best cat videos, memes, and pictures on Facebook, then you might have a career as a cat social media expert.

Plenty of cat websites rely on social media to drive traffic to their pages. Some famous cats have a huge following on Instagram and Twitter, and they need people to help post cat stuff sometimes.

Let’s be honest, you probably spend a good chunk of your day watching cat videos on the internet. You might as well get paid for it.

4. Kitty Cuddler

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Cat cuddlers are sometimes needed by shelters to help kittens with socialization. By cuddling these little kitties, you help them get used to humans and have a better chance at finding forever homes.

Sure, it may be a volunteer position and not really a “career,” but there’s nothing stopping you from putting the valuable skill of kitty cuddling on your resume.

Who knows? Maybe you could create a business out of cuddling cats if you get creative. Advertise your skills as a cat socializer and provide cuddles for cats who need to socialize with humans while pet parents are at work.

Or just keep working at the shelter for a good cause. There are plenty of possibilities.

5. Cat Clothing Maker

Knitting with cat
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Some cats, especially hairless breeds, could use a little extra warmth and comfort. If you’ve got some knitting skills, then you can put them to good use and earn a few extra dollars by stitching cat clothes.

Plenty of people sell their creations for cats on sites like Etsy or make their own online stores.

You can even branch out from clothing and stitch things like cat beds, stuffed animals, and toys, and you’ll get the joy of knowing that your products are going to make some kitties very happy.

6. World-Traveling Cat Sitter

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If you want to stay in amazing places all over the world, you can do it while taking care of cats. There’s a site called Trusted Housesitters that lets people connect with someone who can look after their cats while they’re away so they can travel without feeling guilty about leaving their fur babies behind.

The homes are sometimes mansions with pools, massive farmhouses, and villas. You’d be cat sitting for the experience of staying in these homes, meaning you wouldn’t get paid if you go through Trusted Housesitters.

However, you could start your own cat sitting business and stay in some very nice places while taking care of kitties.

7. Therapy Cat Handler

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Therapy cats provide a great service to the people who need them. If you’re great at training cats, you may want to look into what it takes to register a therapy cat.

As the cat’s handler, you’d take them to nursing homes and facilities that use pet therapy to help patients. It might not be a paying gig, but it’s a kind gesture that means the world to some people.

When you see someone who is having the worst time of their life crack a smile because your kitty is cuddling them and purring, you’ll feel like you’ve got plenty of rewards.

And if you are interested in starting a business out of the whole thing, there’s nothing stopping you. Offer your cat therapy services to paying customers while you’re not doing volunteer work! You never know who could use some feline snuggles.

What other dream jobs are out there for cat lovers? Does your job let you express your adoration for felines? Then let us know in the comments below!

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