Four years old Cat looking out on a rainy day
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Fur Laughs: Super-Focused Cat Absolutely Cannot Be Distracted [VIDEO]

Has your cat ever stared at something you can’t see? The kitty in the video above has certainly focused on something rather intently — so intently that even pokes and prods won’t distract him!

We have no idea what this cat finds so compelling. Is it a bird? A plane? Superman? Anything is possible. But we don’t need to know what the kitty is looking at to get a good laugh from the video!

All this staring may have you thinking about your cat’s eyes. Can they really see things you can’t? Here are a few facts about cats’ vision that can help you figure out how they see the world!

Fun Facts About Your Cat’s Vision

(Picture Credit: cunfek/Getty Images)

Cats see the world differently! Check out a few of our favorite cat vision facts:

  • Cats are not colorblind, but the range of colors that cats see is likely limited to green, blue, and possibly yellow.
  • Felines have much better night vision than we do, and they’re also better at detecting motion. This makes them great hunters!
  • Cats’ eyes are positioned closer to the sides of their heads than ours are. This allows them to have a wider field of vision. Humans can see a visual field of about 180 degrees, while felines can view about 200 degrees.
  • Cats can see ultraviolet light that we humans cannot. So if your cat is looking at something you can’t see, chances are good that they’re just able to see a lot better than you can.
  • White cats who have blue eyes are often deaf or hard of hearing. If you have a white cat with blue eyes, you should have your vet check how well they can hear.
  • Albino cats have very pale blue or pinkish eyes that are overly sensitive to light. These cats must be kept out of direct sunlight or bright lights that could damage their eyes.

Does your cat ever stare intensely at things you can’t see? Have they ever focused on something so hard that you have trouble getting them to look away, like the cat in the video? Let us know in the comments below!


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