Creative study environment. Top view of school essentials and black cat on chalkboard desk.
(Picture Credit: golubovy/Getty Images)

5 Ways To Prep Your Cat For ‘Back To School’ Season

The long and lazy days of summer are dwindling down, and class lists are being sent out. The end of summer means back to school for kids and the adults who work at educational institutions.

While most cats may appear stoic and independent in nature, the sudden disappearance of you or your kids during the day can cause a lot of stress.

Here’s how to make the transition back to the grind of the school year for your cat as easy and calm as possible.

Getting back into the swing of school can be stressful for everyone. Have you noticed a change in your cat as you and your family are gearing up for the school year? What have you done to make your cat feel more comfortable and safe? Let us know in the comments below!

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