Over-the-Top Cat Gifts 2014

It’s easy to spoil one’s cat, but here are five items that, while on the pricey side, are also practical:

K&H Deluxe Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed

With only 4 watts (less electricity needed to power a standard nightlight), the K&H Tan Leopard Thermo-Kitty Bed will heat to 10-15 degrees above the current ambient temperature in the room when not in use. As soon as your cat lies in the bed, the bed adjusts to your kitty’s normal body temperature to keep her warm. Features an attractive, washable cover, an ultra-cozy polyfill pillow base, and a removable zippered hood. Indoor use only, please.

Available at: Petco | Home Depot | Wag

Litter-Robot LRII Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Never sift through a dirty litter box again. Litter-Robot senses a cat in its globe with a weight-activated sensor. Seven minutes after kitty has exited, the globe slowly rotates. This counter-clockwise rotation separates the clumps from the clean filter, and drops the waste into the large capacity, bag-lined drawer. The globe returns to its home position, leaving litter clean, level, and smelling fresh. Litter-Robot is fantastic option for people who work long hours or take day trips.

Available at: Amazon

Molly and Friends “Pinnacle” Extra-Large Premium Handmade Cat Tree with Sisal

Natural thick Sisal rope attracts curious cats to this extra large, 90″ tall, Pinnacle cat tree by Molly and Friends. Its sturdy, rock-solid construction enables cats to safely jump onto the tree at full speed and scurry up to top to wrestle. Cats creatively climb up to the large beds and rest areas. Constructed in the USA with durable materials, including high-quality, long-lasting carpet. Absolutely no assembly required.

Available at: Amazon | Cat Tree USA

PetPals Group Cabana Cat Condo

Cats love to play and hang out with their humans, but sometimes they just need some solitude and “alone time.”The Pet Pals Group Cabana Cat Condo is the perfect place for a feline to get away from it all. The four walls are made of sturdy thick woven leaves (creating the cabana look), the soft mattress is ideal for naps or relaxing, and the structure is easy to relocate anywhere in your living space.

Available at: Petco

The Refined Feline Espresso Lotus Cat Tower

The Lotus Cat Tree is a sleek, modern interpretation on cat furniture. If you prefer clean, modern, minimalistic design, the Lotus Cat Tree is the cat activity center for you. Form and function coincide beautifully to create a beautiful espresso scratching post and relaxing cat tree. Cushions are covered with removable, washable faux suede. There’s even a carpeted cubby, which may be used as a comfy cat refuge or to hide a stand-sized litter box.

Available at: Petco | Amazon | Wag

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