5 Ways My Cat Has Made Me A Better Person

On one level, your cat probably spends most of her time lounging around, snacking, napping, showing a grand disinterest in any new toys you attempt to sling her way, snoozing, and scarfing down copious amounts of gravy. Not, perhaps, the most traditional life role model. But if you think about it, there’s a lot of things your cat has likely inspired in you.

Let’s run through the most common ways your cat can make you a better person.

1. Keeping Patient

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We live in a hyper fast world — but there’s a lot to be said about becoming more feline and learning to slow things down. A cat will serenely sit at a window for hours watching a bird in a tree, yet we all jitter around suffering from real life and social media FOMO. Try taking a leaf out of your best feline’s book and learn to chill.

2. Becoming Resourceful

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The world does not contain endless resources, but we’re all wantonly caught up in the trap of consumerism, ordering stuff we don’t really need online often because we’re bored. Next time you get an itch add unnecessary items to your shopping cart, remember how our cats are so much happier with the cardboard box than the product itself.

3. Staying Optimistic

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Yeah, I know, the common pop culture image of cats is more along the lines of Garfield’s sarcasm and Grumpy Cats’ disdainful outlook on life — but felines are innately optimistic creatures. Well, at least when it comes to food. Every time I venture into the kitchen, my cat usually scoots along, sits in her cardboard box and meows at me to either give her treats or serve dinner about five hours early.

Does it work?

Usually not. But she still keeps putting faith in the goal of getting her food.

So next time you’re feeling down about life, deal with it by sitting in a cardboard box and looking cute.

4. Practicing Forgiveness

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Cats (usually) love their humans unconditionally. Which means your feline will quickly forget about that time you inadvertently spritzed her with the Swiffer Jet. Learn to forgive and forget by embracing the feline state of mind.

5. The Importance Of Hygge

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The Scandinavian concept of hygge is trending right now. It’s all about the idea of embracing a feeling of being content and cozy — so curling up by the fireplace in a pair of chunky-knit socks with a good book and some hot coffee (possibly spiked with whiskey). Sound familiar? Yep, cats have been staying stress-free by practicing hygge for centuries. Learn from these smart creatures.