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Let’s Celebrate Cats And Keyboards!

As June 23rd is National Typewriter Day, let’s delve into the ways cats are uncannily drawn to keyboards.

The typewriter is one of the greatest inventions in history. The mechanical device helped writers put their thoughts into words without the headache of having to decipher messy handwriting. The popular QWERTY layout of the keys is still used today on computers and cell phone keyboards. Better yet, cats have proved to be particularly attracted to typewriters and keyboards throughout the ages.

Typewriter As A Toy

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If you’ve ever seen a cat stalk and then freak out and attack a printer, you won’t be surprised to know that they react in a similarly playful fashion when seeing a typewriter at work. If they’re not trying to paw the typebars, they’re patiently waiting to attack the carriage as it moves.

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It’s a wonder no one’s invented a cardboard typewriter toy specifically for felines.

Napping On The Keys

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Anyone who’s been typing away at their computer with a cat in the room knows that it won’t be long before your furball friend saunters over and decides to plonk herself down on top of your keyboard. It’s a very zen move, as if the cat’s saying, “Take a minute to slow down and appreciate life outside of the working world.” That, or she just really wants to nap.

Cats Heart Writers

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It’s said that writing is a solitary pursuit — but everyone needs a little distraction every now and then. Maybe that’s why there’s a reciprocal attraction between cats and writers. You’ve probably seen famous photos of Ernest Hemingway attempting to write while being besieged by his cats. And while it can definitely be annoying when your cat attempts to wiggle her way onto your keyboard, you’d have to be a cold soul to not appreciate a little feline company.

The Great American Cat Novel

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Cats are undoubtedly attracted to keyboards — but they’ve yet to master the art of actually typing. Need proof? Open a new document in your word processing app of choice and let your kitty strut over your keyboard. Now marvel at an opening sentence of, “qqqqqwwwwwwwdddddddddd.”


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