Get To Know Ollie The Cross-Eyed Siamese Cat

Ollie is a Siamese cat who’s starting to make a real name for himself on social media. Sure, that alone isn’t particularly groundbreaking — after all, many cats are Instagram and Facebook stars. But not all of them also come with the appeal of being so cross-eyed.

Truly, the photos of Ollie are brilliantly bizarre.

Let’s dig into Ollie’s back story and see what this cross-eyed Siamese boy is all about.

Introducing Ollie

First up, let’s meet Ollie. Here he is hamming it up for the camera in a classic cross-eyed pose.

Ollie Is A Proud Irish Kitty

Going back to the start of Ollie’s adventure, he hails from Dublin, Ireland. He’s a Seal Point Siamese cat who charmed his owners from day one.

Ollie Is A Vocal Chap

According to his Instagram profile, Ollie is very much a vocal kitty. His official bio says that he loves to “chatter, eat flies and cuddle with my humans.”

Ollie Also Hearts His Nap Times

Even from a young age, Ollie has always been serious about his napping duties. As he quipped after being woken up for this photo, “Why are you interrupting my sleep?”

A Cross-Eyed Siamese

Ollie has a captivating cross-eyed look. Historically, Siamese cats are more likely to be cross-eyed than many other breeds. It’s a look that Ollie’s certainly owning, right?

Keep Away From Water

Like many cats, Ollie is not exactly the most enthusiastic about getting wet. To that end, he’s definitely not down with human attempts to give him a bath.

A Professional Fly-Catcher

When Ollie gets to exercise his outdoor privileges, he makes sure to focus on his most passionate hobby: Catching flies. In this photo, he just scarfed down a couple of winged snacks. Ollie also enjoys watching seagulls flying by overhead.

A Seasonal Cat

You could definitely call Ollie a seasonal feline. He keeps cool in the hot and humid weather by–you guessed it–sneaking in a nap.

Check out more of Ollie’s adventures over at his Instagram account.


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