Save a Cat Community Page

If you’re like many Facebook users, you’ve gained a lot from your time there: you’ve learned which Teletubby you most closely resemble and who among your friends is also a fan of Frogger. But just think… Now you can help others gain something important, namely a second chance for shelter cats around the country.

Save a Cat

Save a Cat is DogTime’s brand-new Facebook application — and the only one leveraging social media to help real cats in need of homes. The way it works is simple. Once you install the Save a Cat application, you earn points by simply selecting one of the actions presented (for example, “foster a cat” or “scratch your cat’s ears”).

For every 2500 points you earn, Dogtime donates the financial equivalent of a cup of food to non-profit animal welfare organizations across the country. These include, an organization that provides free and low-cost technology services to animal shelters and rescue groups across the country. We also make donations directly to animal shelters and rescues via monthly DogTime Grants, annual DogTime Grants, and the DogTime Media Pet Blogger Awards. Here’s the great part: It’s free to use. The only thing you spend is a moment of your time. And yep, you’re helping to save real cats.

Rescue is in DogTime’s bones

DogTime’s mission has always been about helping dogs, specifically keeping them happy, well-behaved, and in good homes by providing straightforward information to the humans who love them. And in June of ’09, we launched Save a Dog. Now, we’ve taken the effort a step further by adding cats to our repertoire of animal rescues.

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