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5 Cat Jigsaw Puzzles We Really Want To Complete This Holiday

The holidays are a time when life can get stressful. So when the weather outside gets colder, why not stay cozy inside and settle down to tackle a relaxing jigsaw puzzle?

Check out these five cat-themed puzzles that you can order now to keep you entertained through the holiday season.

1. Cat Bookshelf Jigsaw

Cat bookshelf jigsaw
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Produced by the Vermont Jigsaw Company, the Cat Bookshelf Jigsaw combines a clowder of illustrated cats with a collection of books that all feature feline-themed names, like The Great Catsby, Romeow and Juliet, and Cats Are From Mars, Dogs Are From Venus. The puzzle is topped by a dignified tuxedo kitty lounging around on top of the tomes.

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2. Cat And Feline Lover’s Activity Jigsaw

Cat jigsaw puzzle
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Ridley’s 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle is based around 54 illustrations of various cat breeds including the Bengal, the Persian and the Scottish Fold. Better yet, each breed is captioned with information and facts about the cat.

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3. Piece-ful Slumber

Cat napping on jigsaw
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Let’s get a little bit meta with this one: How about a jigsaw puzzle that depicts a domestic shorthair lounging around on a jigsaw puzzle that also showcases another cat? If that sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll have 500 pieces to reassemble before you can complete the puzzle.

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4. Kitten Kitchen Capers

Kittens making a mess in the kitchen
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There might be valid health reasons why cats should not be all up on your countertops, but that hasn’t stopped this mischievous army of kittens causing utter havoc in the kitchen. Buffalo games manufactures this puzzle that totals 750 pieces.

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5. Cheshire Cat Wooden Jigsaw

Cheshire cat jigsaw
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If you’re after something a little more artsy and bizarre in your jigsaw puzzle, try Tyukanov’s Cheshire Cat puzzle. It takes the form of 162 wooden pieces.

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Have you completed a cat-themed jigsaw puzzle recently? Tell us all about it in the comments below!

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