Cat and kid crafting
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National Craft Month: 5 Cat-Themed Crafting Projects To Celebrate

Did you know that March is National Craft Month? It’s a time of the year to inspire your creative instincts and get you crafting.

There are plenty of fun crafts you can make that show off your love for all things feline!

So let’s spotlight five cat-themed crafting projects you can order online and get started on right away.

1. Crafting With Cat Hair

Crafting with cat hair
(Picture Credit: Quirk Books via Amazon)

Have you heard about the trend of collecting up hair your cat has shed and then re-purposing it into crafted goods?

Pick up Crafting With Cat Hair to guide you through creating things like tote bags, finger puppets, and even picture frames from your feline’s pesky discarded cat hair.

You can get it on Amazon here!

2. Cat Figurine Craft Kit

Cat figurine kit
(Picture Credit: Melissa & Doug via Amazon)

If the idea of saving all your cat’s hair is a little too icky for you, check out these pet figurines!

They’re ready to decorate and come packaged with paint, so all you need to do is get creative and give your new feline figurine an eye-catching color scheme.

You can get it on Amazon here!

3. Paint By Sticker

Cat sticker book
(Picture Credit: Workman Publishing  via Amazon)

The Paint By Sticker series of craft books are like a sticker-based update of coloring books.

In the case of Paint By Sticker: Cats, you use stickers to complete geometric polygon designed cats. The book includes templates and stickers to create twelve different felines, and the finished pieces can be easily placed into frames.

You can get it on Amazon here!

4. Cat Masks For Kids

cat mask
(Picture Credit: SUPVOX via Amazon)

If you’re trying to get your kids involved in National Craft Month, consider picking up this pack of cat masks.

Each one is a blank canvas to decorate in whatever creative feline way you so desire.

You can get them on Amazon here!

5. Paper Cats

Paper cats
(Picture Credit: Papermade via Amazon)

Paper Cats is an easy way to get into the crafting world. You pop out twelve pre-scored paper cats and then fold them together.

The book also comes with eight pieces of cat furniture, so you can create and enjoy an entire little feline world.

You can get it on Amazon here!

Have you gotten cat-crafty for National Craft Month? What are some of your favorite feline-themed DIY projects? Let us know in the comments below!

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