Top 15 new pet products for 2012

Global Pet Expo 2012 may be over, but the show is still on Pet Secret Shopper’s mind. Now that she’s had time to digest the experience, PSS has cobbled together a slideshow of her overall favorite 15 products – for dogs, cats, birds, and fish.

AbsolutelyNew Treat Launcher: Load with small dog treats, such as kibble, and pull the trigger to fire; play a game of “edible fetch.”

Aikiou Stimulo (Global Pet Expo Winner: 3rd place in Cat Category): Feeding toy that helps slow a dog or cat’s digestion so they’re less prone to vomiting, bloating, and other ailments.

The Amazing Goo: For cats, an edible gel that can be mixed with medication to enhance the flavor.

BiOrb Life Aquarium: Fish tanks that come in black, white, or red and 8-, 12-, and 16-gallon sizes.

Birdpods (Global Pet Expo Winner, 3rd place in Bird Category): A series of hanging outdoor birdfeeders that are partially made from recycled materials.

Dog Gone Smart Pet Beds: Stain-resistant beds for dogs and cats.

Dogzilla Knobby Ball!: A dog chew toy that is imbued with protein and vanilla flavor.

Feline Lickety Stik: Liquid cat food that comes from a handheld dispenser with a roller ball.

Frosty Bowlz: A three-piece bowl that keeps water cool for hours. It also has a barrier to keep ants away, along with rubber base so the bowl doesn’t skid on the floor.

Kittypods: Cat furniture that’s made from recyclable materials.

Paragon Dog Chews: Vegetable-based dog treats that freshen breath and clean teeth.

PetPaint: Non-toxic paint for your dog that comes in a variety of colors. PP is perfect for Halloween or other festive occasions.

Purity Plus Water: Water for a dog or cat that is packed with minerals and other nutrients not found in ordinary tap water.

Stop That!: A humane spray that stops unwanted dog and cat behavior.

Teddy Tank (Global Pet Expo Winner: 3rd place in Aquatics): Plush toy that houses a fish tank; comes in a variety of animals and features a night light.

Official awards presented to Global Pet Expo attendees include Best Booth Awards and New Products Showcase Winners.

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