Cat standing on two legs and trying to get a butterfly toy.
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Fur Laughs: Humans Don’t Need An Exterminator With Their Bug-Catching Cat [VIDEO]

Bugs can be an absolute nuisance when they’re buzzing around your home, especially if they land in a hard-to-reach spot. Luckily, the feline in the video above has the quick paws and claws to snatch bugs wherever they are!

The human and cat in the video make an excellent tag team when it comes to bringing down bugs. With a little help, the kitty reaches the ceiling-dwelling insect and scoops it up with no problem.

If you’d like your cat to become an expert bug hunter, there are a few ways you can let your pet exercise their instincts and get some practice. Here are a few games you can play with your cat to keep up their hunting skills.

Games To Play With Cats Who Like To Hunt

(Picture Credit: tomazl/Getty Images)

For cats, there are many parts to hunting. There’s tracking, problem solving, pouncing, agility, and plenty of other skills that go into a successful hunt.

Here are a few games that can help your cat to practice and sharpen those instincts:

  • Treasure Hunt: Instead of just putting down your cat’s bowl of food like usual, try hiding their food in a new place, or even a few different places. This will allow your cat to track down their prey.
  • Puzzle Feeders: There are plenty of puzzle feeders that will allow your kitty to use their wits to earn food. Try one that can keep your cat guessing, or switch it up and get another toy when your kitty gets used to the old one so they can practice problem solving.
  • Fetch: Yes, some cats play fetch just like dogs! Try tossing a toy or a ball of paper that they can comfortably pick up. The trick is teaching them to bring the object back, which should be done with plenty of love, praise, and rewards.
  • Lasers and wand toys: These toys encourage your cat to chase and use their speed and agility. Playtime will also get your cat exercising, which can reduce boredom and unwanted, destructive behaviors.

Is your cat an expert at hunting bugs like the cat in the video? Do you like to play games that let your cat use their hunting instincts? Let us know in the comments below!

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