Mama Cat Nurses Pit Bull Pup [VIDEO]

It’s not something you see every day. A Pit Bull puppy who was rejected by his mother, got a second chance at life thanks to the Cleveland Animal Protection League and a cat named Lurlene.

The pup, Noland, was one day old when he was dropped off at the facility. With no mother to feed the tiny puppy, his outlook was not so promising. But a cat who had just given birth to a litter of four newborn kittens was able to help.

Thankfully, Lurlene immediately took to Noland and treated him as one of her own, cleaning the pup and accepting him into her litter.

Noland went home with a team member at night for bottle feedings, but he spent approximately nine hours each day with his adoptive feline family.

“He’s still awfully young to be without his own mom but we’re doing absolutely everything we can to make sure Noland gets a happy ending.”

This is hardly the first time different animals have helped each other survive. A dog named Molly nursed six kittens, and a cat named Tammy nursed a baby squirrel.



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