8 more weird pet products

A year ago, we scoured the Internet and found 10 strange pet products. They were hard to top in terms of sheer audacity, but since then we’ve come across eight equally bizarre pet products, including pet propaganda and a device that allows your dog to tweet. Have a look…and, yes, they’re all real:

Dog High Chair: Why not make mealtime truly inclusive and give pets a place at the table? Simply snap the Pet High Chair’s bucket-shaped seat onto the edge of the dining table and your pet can really be a member of the family by joining his humans at mealtime. Nothing says togetherness like immobilizing the family dog and making him watch his people chow down their food. A model is also available for cats, but it’s difficult to imagine a feline staying confined in such a device for any amount of time.

Humunga Fetch & Ball Toys: Chew and fetch toys are great items for your dog, but to humans, they’re aesthetically boring and not very funny. Fortunately, some companies have discovered a golden opportunity to fill the humor void. The Humunga Lips Fetch Dog Toy, for instance, has a huge pair of lips attached to a rubber ball. Throw the item and your dog bites the ball end, returning with a pair of lips worthy of Mick Jagger. Also available as an extra-long tongue and mustache.

Litter box furniture: Embarrassed by your cat’s litter box? Then conceal it in a piece of beautiful-looking furniture. Several companies manufacture elegant chests, night stands, potted plant holders, and other seemingly ordinary household furnishings that are actually hollowed-out for litter-box storage. Just make sure and avoid getting an item that looks like a laundry hamper, or you could have a potential disaster on your hands if an unsuspecting guest or housesitter tries to stash your dirty clothes in it.

Obey the Pure Breed: Propaganda is a key tool for any repressive political regime, and now you can hang Marxist-esque posters featuring pure-breed pets in poses that ape Mao, Che, Stalin, and other murderous communist revolutionaries and tyrants, on your wall. Relax, it’s all in good fun. Obeythepurebreed.com also carries shirts (for humans and dogs), mugs, bumper stickers, and other items, and make sure to visit the site’s “Chairman Meow Blog” to see the animal world’s latest events. More for humans than pets — silence! Obey the Russian Blue!

PooTrap: Walking and cleaning up after your dog is one of those “just-deal-with-it” things all owners need to do. For those of you shamed by the indignity of handling your pooch’s droppings, there is an alternative — the PooTrap. Simply put the harness around your dog’s rump, attach a bag over the frame encircling his rear end, and presto, all you have to do is pull the bag off after he makes a “deposit.” While results for your dog may vary, the site claims, “wearing PooTrap will become their favorite activity.” Let’s see: Fetch, treat, or PooTrap? That’s a tough one…

Puppoose Sling Carrier: Nothing says you love your pet more than wearing them as a fashion accessory. The Puppoose Sling Carrier can hold any dog who weighs up to 22 pounds, and the item comes complete with a safety strap and a crocheted design. According to the product’s model picture gallery, a knee-high boots and sexy clubbing dress ensemble isn’t complete without strapping on your pet Boston Terrier. Um, wouldn’t a collar and leash be more practical?

Puppy Tweets: Now your pooch can let the world know what he’s doing via Twitter. Simply attach the USB wireless dongle to your computer and the Puppy Tweets device to your dog’s collar. The PT device’s sensors can determine your pooch’s activities (running, sleeping) and downloads the data to their Twitter account, publishing one of 500 pre-worded tweets (once the animal is in range of the dongle). Because everyone wants to know what your dog is up to, all the time…really, they do. Social media haters need not apply.

Rear Gear: One normally doesn’t want to draw attention to their pet’s grooming shortcomings and “potty-time” mishaps, so why not cover their ass with eye-catching imagery, such as a cupcake, heart, or smiley face? Hand-made in Oregon, the Rear Gear is an ornament that attaches to a pet’s tail (to cover their rear) and comes with a variety of designs, or you can even one custom made (just imagine the possibilities). “No more Mr. brown eye,” is the company’s motto, BTW.


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