Global Pet Expo: Five more notable dog and cat products

DogTime’s Pet Secret Shopper takes one last trip through the Global Pet Expo and picks five more products that caught her eye and are worth looking for at retail.

The Amazing Goo: Mary Poppins says a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. That’s fine for humans, but where cats are concerned it takes something more to for them to eat horrible-smelling medicine or prescription medication. Too bad Ms. Poppins didn’t know about The Amazing Goo. Despite the misleading name (we automatically thought “shoe repair”), TAG mixes with cat meds to create a great-tasting substance that felines will eagerly lick-up. Poppins should write a song about that.

Dog Gone Smart Pet Beds: Pet beds for dogs and cats in all types of shapes (circular, rectangular, square), colors, and sizes – in short, something for any pet. Dog Gone Smart also makes crate pads, dog jackets leashes, collars, and door mats.

Lickety Stik: A dog and cat treat without the noisy chewing, gnawing, and gross leftovers, Lickety Stik looks like a tube of roll-on deodorant complete with roller ball. Remove the cover and let the pet lick the ball for a quick low-calorie treat sans the mess. Ten dog licks gives the pooch 1 calorie, and each bottle has 500 licks. LS comes in six different flavors, including savory chicken, braised liver, and smoky bacon.

Paragon Products: Paragon takes a different approach to edible dog-chew products, with a vegetable-based formula that cleans a dog’s teeth and freshens its breath. Chews come in a variety of textures, colors, and shapes, including porcupines, alligators, and toothbrushes (how fitting).

PetPaint: Yes, you can spray-paint your dog with these non-toxic paint products. Write messages on your pooch with a number of templates, or go freestyle and make a Rottweiler into a bumble-bee, a Dalmatian into a zebra, or a Pit Bull a bearer of Old Glory. PetPaint seems to be the perfect way to give your dog a Halloween costume that he won’t keep tripping over as he goes door-to-door trick-or-treating. PP is also great for sporting events, as you can give your dog a home-team jersey.

Check Pet Secret Shopper for reviews of these and other products.

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