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Dear Tabby: My Aloof Cat Offends My Friends

Dear Tabby,

My cat Momo does not like people (myself excluded). It doesn’t matter if we’re at the vet or at home. When someone new approaches, even someone she’s met several times in her life, she hisses and raises a paw preparing to scratch. I’ve had Momo since she was a kitten and she’s always reacted to people this way, but some of my friends take it to heart. How do I assure my guests it’s her, not them?


Get Over That My Exotic Acts Nasty to Guests but Isn’t Really a Louse


Dear Get Over That My Exotic Acts Nasty to Guests but Isn’t Really a Louse,

Fortunately this doesn’t require a lot of explanation. Momo is a cat. Some cats are gregarious, people-loving snugglers, but many are not. In fact, some are downright ill at ease in the presence of humans, even those raised in a loving family from a young age.

No one likes cat claws in their face, but taking offense is a bit misguided. It’s like holding a grudge against a losing lottery ticket — nothing personal, the Random Number Selector Machine is just not that into you. The next time one of your pals gets his feelers hurt, try telling him this: “Momo might warm up to you, but she hasn’t yet with any of my friends. Playing hard-to-get will be your best strategy.”

If that doesn’t ease the pain, G.O.T. (a) M.E.A.N. G.I.R.L., your friends may have issues a hug from Momo won’t solve.

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