Clay cat litter

The first form of cat litter to hit the market in the 1950s, non-clumping clay litters are made of — not surprisingly — small clay granules. The absorbent clay soaks up liquid, providing some odor control. Many cats like the feel of clay litter, and it remains popular among owners. It’s a good choice for small kittens because it doesn’t get up their noses, unlike clumping litter.

The downsides are, clay litter can be dusty, and the dust isn’t healthy for cats or people. Also, eco-conscious shoppers don’t like the fact that the clay comes from destructive strip mining.

Rating: 3 paws

Pros of clay litter

  • Cheap
  • Absorbent
  • Easy to find
  • Dust-free formulations available
  • Can choose scented and unscented

Cons of clay litter

  • Average odor control
  • Must be replaced weekly
  • Can be dusty
  • Often tracked through the house
  • Inhaling the dust can cause respiratory problems in cats and people
  • Not eco-friendly

Sample brands

Tidy Cats Immediate Odor Control

Fresh Step Premium Clay Cat Litter

Jonny Cat Antibacterial Formula Fresh Scent Cat Litter

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