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Cat Circles: Why Are So Many Cats Irresistibly Drawn To Circles?

You’ve probably heard of crop circles, but have you heard of cat circles?

Cats all over the world are being “trapped” by their humans with common household items such as masking tape, hula-hoops, electronic cords and many other small items placed in the form of a circle.

What’s the deal? Are cats secretly turning circles into enchanted rings of protection? Are they waiting to be beamed up to the mothership? Or is there some more mundane explanation for why cats seem so irresistibly drawn to circles?

We don’t have all the answers, but we sure are enjoying the trend of cats in circles. Here’s what you should know.

Where The Cat Circles Trend Began

Cats just love circles

It all started when Reddit user Admancb posted a photo titled Trick Your Cat With a Circle. You can scroll through the images above to see what happened.

He discovered that his cat was drawn to circles. One of his power cords looped around, unintentionally forming a circle on the floor. He watched his cat walk over and sit down right in the middle of it.

The Reddit user started wondering if this mysterious phenomenon would work with other circle-like things, too. So he made a ring on the floor with red masking tape and watched his cat, who seemed powerless to resist, walk over and sit down right in the middle.

It is not known why cats are drawn to circles — and when I say circle, I use that word loosely. As you can see by the photos in the original post above, many of the circles are not exactly round.

Tips For Cat Circle Testing

Naturally, you’re probably wondering if your own kitty will act similarly when presented with a circle-like shape on the floor.

Here are a few tips to test the cat circle mystery with your own kitty:

  • Take any object that you can shape into a circle and make a circle on the floor. Try different sized circles; your cat may like small circles or big circles.
  • Try other shapes. Cats are unique. Perhaps your cat will feel more compelled to sit in a square or triangle. Be creative.
  • If your cat is oblivious, you may want to draw your cats attention to the circle so that he or she sees that it’s there. Once the cat is aware of the circle, be patient. Make sure you’re ready to capture the findings of your test. Have your phone or camera handy to record the results of your scientific testing and wait.

Note: Felines are highly intelligent. Not every single one is going to take the bait and become trapped by their humans’ Cat Circle shenanigans, but many cats seem powerless to resist the circle.

Why Are Cats Drawn To Circles?

One possible explanation of the Cat Circles Phenomenon could be instincts brought on by cats’ desire for warmth. Experts say when a cat sleeps in a circle, they’re conserving body heat.

A lot of cat beds are circles, too. Cats could be drawn to circles because the circle subconsciously makes them think they will be warm inside, which draws them in.

No one seems to be sure what compels cats to sit in circles, but we’re all enjoying the mystery.

Have you tested cat circles with your favorite feline? Why do you think so many cats love circles? Let us know in the comments below!

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