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Pet Loss And Grief: Why Does It Hurt So Bad?

The news came. You’re on that final walk and now fully immersed into the end-of-life stage with your precious pet. The day you always dreaded. The day that you subconsciously calculated the minute you brought him home. You know, the math that one does when you look at this 6 month old ball of fluff, know that animals live about fifteen years (or so you pray) and you calculate how old you will be when you have to face this event.

It’s an odd practice but one that everyone secretly does. Why? Not sure as it’s not like over time we will somehow all-of-a-sudden become good at death. It truly is an odd practice and thought process.

But, alas, the day is here. All of the years that have just flown by and created so many memories with this majestic creature are now quickly coming to an end. How did that happen? Where did those years go? And, why didn’t we all slow down, just a bit more, to savor them and soak them up fully?

Maybe that’s a part of why it hurts so bad, with any loss. The regret of the unnecessary activities that took us away from the day-to-day loving, the day-to-day eye gazing. In general, the day-to-day relaxing into the love that was shared and just “being” versus hurrying about the days and “doing.”

Whether you have been given the sad news that the time is short or you are currently doing the math of how much time you have left, the time is now. In the beautiful words from one of Robin Williams greatest films “carpe diem.” Seize the day.

The time is now.


Smell the roses.

Just be. Stop doing.

And, make it a commitment every day that there will be time to just be with our beloved animals so that when we are facing that reality of the end-of-life walk, we will know that we fully gave it all to them and were made so much fuller because of their love.

Carpe diem.

For more information on pet grief and loss visit Colleen’s website Two Hearts Pet Loss Center or follow her on Facebook.

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